Research Activity (G.Pasolini)

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Since 1999 I carried out my research actvity in the field of wireless communication systems at the "Wireless communication LABoratory" - WiLAB -, which is a research Institution that groups Professors, Researchers and collaborators belonging to the Universities of Bologna, Cesena, Ferrara, to IEIIT-CNR and to CNIT
The research activity has been mainly focused on wireless digital communications, with particular reference to physical level and MAC level aspects as well as to radio resource management issues. The main topics addressed are: 
• wireless metropolitan and local area networks (WiMAX, WiFi);
• wireless body and personal area networks (W-PANs and W-BANs: Bluetooth)
• mobile communication systems (GPRS, 3G, 4G);
• mutual interference of heterogeneous systems and their coexistence;
• advanced multiple access schemes;
• efficient radio resource management strategies;
• integration and cooperation of heterogeneus mobile networks (WiMAX, WLANs, UMTS, etc); 
• communication support for intelligent trasportation systems;
• multimedia communications over wireless networks;
• digital signal processing.


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