Subjects of research

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Research Activity

  • ICT for Transportation – Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Multimedia Communication systems
  • Cellular Communication toward 4G
  • Digital Video over Wireless
  • FPGA and DSP for Communications
  • Short Range Communications and Sensor Networks
  • Ad hoc and wireless sensor networks
  • Wireless Personal and Local Area Networks
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: satellite and terrestrial networks
  • Indoor localization techniques and immersive communication systems
  • Remote Access to instrumentation
  • UMTS femto cells and evolution toward LTE: theory and experimental activity


  • Modulation and Coding
  • Digital Transmission Theory
  • Multiple Access Control
  • Spread Spectrum
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Joint Source and Channel Coding
  • Cross Layer Design

Application Areas

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Localization
  • Video over Wireless
  • E-learning
  • Database per navigatori intelligenti